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HeroAntlerChews™ are a 100% Canadian naturally shed antler from government inspected farms. Our antlers are a great long lasting chew, and an excellent source of glucosamine, chondroitin, calcium & protein. HeroAntlerChews™ are free of preservatives and chemicals, and will not splinter or stain. HeroAntlerChews™ are excellent for dog with allergies and sensitive stomachs. As with all pet treats pet supervision is recommended.

Extra small recommended for dogs under 10 lbs
Extra Small Natural Antler Whole 3-3.5in
Extra Small Natural Antler Split 3-3.5in
Extra Small Smoked Antler Whole 3-3.5in
Extra Small Smoked Antler Split 3-3.5in

Small recommended for dogs under 25 lbs
Small Natural Antler Whole 4.5-5in
Small Natural Antler Split 4.5-5in
Small Smoked Antler Whole 4.5-5in
Small Smoked Antler Split 4.5-5in

    Medium recommended for dogs 26 – 40 lbs
Medium Natural Antler Whole 5.5-6in
Medium Natural Antler Split 5.5-6in
Medium Smoked Antler Whole 5.5-6in
Medium Smoked Antler Split 5.5-6in

Large recommended for dogs 31 – 60 lbs
Large Natural Antler Whole 6.5-7.5in
Large Natural Antler Split 6.5-7.5in
Large Smoked Antler Whole 6.5-7.5in
Large Smoked Antler Split 6.5-7.5in